5 Most Exciting Beach Activity Rentals at Clearwater Beach

Beach Activity Rentals at Clearwater Beach

The number of different items you can rent on Clearwater Beach is amazing. Among them are bicycles, scooters, all terrain wheel chairs, beach chairs, umbrellas, jet skis, and more. The list below was compiled after grueling hours of casual observation while beachcombing, strolling, and catching sun on the shores of Clearwater Beach.


1. Parasailing at Clearwater Beach:

Clearwater Beach parasailingWhat rental option at Clearwater Beach could be more exciting than parasailing? Numerous companies offer parasailing excursions along the local Gulf Coast shores. While this is one of the pricier options for fun, you will be challenged to find one more exhilarating. Enjoying this unique experience guarantees you have great stories to tell when you get back home.

2. Watercraft Rentals at Clearwater Beach:

Clearwater Beach jet ski rentalsComing in next for good times at Clearwater Beach are the watercraft rentals. The options are so varied, we had to go online to find out what some of them they were called. However, we do know that if you want to get out onto the water, you merely need to choose how. The three most common craft are Jet Skis, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards. To find these rental craft, simply walk down sands of Clearwater Beach, or walk down the docks of the Clearwater Marina. Both locations have multiple options to make your vacation one to remember.

3. Motorized Street Transportation at Clearwater Beach:

Scoot Coup at Clearwater Beach
Scoot Coup at Fun Ride Rentals

Perhaps we might have come up with a simpler way to describe this rental option at Clearwater Beach. Once again, however, the modes of transportation at the beach are numerous, and some are so odd, we had to look up the names for them too! Scooters are a hit but coming in with a strong influence are the mini three-wheeled cars called Scoot Coups. Both these options can be used on the streets of Clearwater Beach.

4. Beach Bikes and Sidewalk Vehicles:

Segways on Clearwater Beach causeway
The Segway Adventure

Bicycles are an easy and time honored choice for locomotion at Clearwater Beach. Added to the mix is a four wheeled pedal craft that seats four, named a Surrey. No, really, we looked it up. Both options are a popular and affordable rental option at the beach. One thing we noticed about this mode of transportation is that the people always seem to be smiling. You and your party can also rent the two-wheeled stand up Segways, which are popular for cruising the beach causeway.

5. Beach Chairs and Umbrellas:

Clearwater Beach umbrellasProbably the most frequently rented items on Clearwater Beach are the beach chairs, umbrellas, and beach cabanas. On busy days you can find colorful arrays of chairs and shade equipment lined up for your use along the sandy Gulf shores. Nothing sets the stage better for a relaxing day at the beach than a cozy chair with a matching umbrella. Many fond vacation memories have been created by those who have rented these items. While sitting at the beach might not raise your pulse, plenty of folks get excited at the prospect of spending the day relaxing on the sands of Clearwater Beach.


Clearwater Beach kayak rentalsSome options:


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marlyn brant

I willbe coming to clearwater beach Feb 19,2015 for one week , do you rent cabanas for a week, if so what is the price ? thank you


Our rentals team is available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. (9AM-9PM U.S. Eastern Time) Please call us at 727-288-2020. You can use our website 24hours a day at http://www.florida-beachrentals.com


Tell me about your prices on umbrellas and chairs for a one day rental.


We are a vacation accommodations rental agency. Unfortunately, we do not rent out umbrellas and chairs. This article is to let you know what we have in our area. However, beachfront hotels will always be happy to rent umbrellas with chairs, which are already set up on the beach for you. Some private companies offer the same. Just walk down the beach and ask attendants where you see beach chairs set out. (If you are looking for accommodations, please call 727-288-2020, or see our web site http://florida-beachrentals.com/)