Bringing a pet on vacation comes with it’s own set of issues. Is the space big enough? Can I feel comfortable leaving them in the unit if we decide to go out for the day? Is there adequate space for walking them or letting them lose in a fenced yard? What is the pet fee? Is it refundable?

Trying to find a rental property that accepts pets can be tricky. There are quite a few that do accept them but sometimes options are limited. We put together a few useful tips that can help make the process easier.

Start your search early. To get the best possible selection begin looking early. Typically you can make a reservation up to a year or more in advance, especially in busy areas. If you find a property management company that accepts pets but ha limited availability try calling them directly. Not all rental listings have “pet friendly” stated on the property listings so they may be able to give additional options for pet friendly rentals. 


Be respectful of the property. Although your vacation rental may be pet friendly there may be areas of the home or outside property that the owner does not want pets. Some units may ask that the pets do not go in the bedrooms or there may be a designated potty area in the yard. Make sure to ask the property manager about specific pet instructions for the unit you are renting. Just to be safe, make sure to bring your own poop bags. Don’t count on the property providing them.

Property Manager or Owner. Who you rent from is as important as what destination you choose. Property managers can be valuable when acting as a buffer between you the renter and the property owner. Some owners can be difficult to deal with so letting them deal with the owners can be a real life saver. Especially if you have stayed in another unit the property management company manages. You have already build a positive rapport with the them and they can inform the owner that you have rented from them before and are a good tenant.

Do some research. Make sure to do some research on the unit you are booking. Look for reviews of the unit and what people are saying specifically about the property in regards to bringing their pet. Was the unit suitable for the pet? Did it have enough space for the dog to run? Was the pet fee a fair price or did they tack on extra cleaning fees? Did the neighbors complain if your dog barked or did they have a dog of their own that barked at your dog a lot? This kind of feedback is highly unlikely to be given by either the owner or the property manager.

There are more choices than ever when it comes to pet-friendly vacation rentals. Do your homework and find out what people are saying about it. Make sure you get an early start looking for a rental and be very respectful of the property you are looking for.


Looking for pet friendly options? Call our office for all of our available options.

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