Aerial of Clearwater Beach

Aerial Photo | Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach vacation rentals on the Gulf Coast
Clearwater Beach is, as are a number of beaches in the area, ranked as one of the nation’s best on an annual basis, and with very good reason. There are many Clearwater Beach hotels for our visitors to stay at that are absolutely fantastic. There are many Clearwater Beach vacation rentals that allow you to spend your holiday in a house of condo big enough to house your entire family comfortably, with all of the amenities of home included too. However, the real reason to come to Clearwater Beach for your vacation is for all of the things that are within walking distance and a short drive away. Clearwater Beach is home to some of the best restaurants in the state, a number of high-class resorts to spend your evenings at, and is full of all sorts of different clubs and family attractions for those who are looking for something more varied to do throughout their stay.

Clearwater Beach is home to Winter, the dolphin, who had an entire movie made about her and her prosthetic tail. We are also home to a pirate cruise boat that will take you out on the gulf for a party and a visit to some of the other beaches along the coast. Those who have their Clearwater Beach vacation rentals booked will have plenty of options to choose from, and during football season will be able to watch their Monday night football games on a movie theatre sized screen at the state’s famous Frenchy’s North Shore location. This is a highlight for all sports lovers. There are also frequent shows, plays, and concerts at the Capitol Theatre, just across the bridge in Downtown Clearwater, and Ruth Eckerd Hall, which is our town’s premier theatre for those who love and are interested in the arts.

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