5 Best Places to Escape at Clearwater Beach

5. Go Fishing at Pier 60:

Fishing pierThose who enjoy fishing from a pier love the fishing experience from Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach. What makes the location so unique is that in order to reach the fishing area of the pier, you have to pay a one dollar entrance fee. While some people pay the dollar to walk to the end of the pier to sightsee, for the most part, it is used exclusively by fishermen. This is a place a fisherman can be understood!


4. Sand Key:

Wide beach at Sand KeyMost people do not realize that Sand Key is in fact part of Clearwater. It is across the inlet to the harbor and you must use a bridge to access it. It is a very deep swath of sand with ample parking, picnic tables, shade trees. Aside from the sandy beach, visitors can also walk along the harbor inlet. While popular beach days will find a crowd at Sand Key, it is more often a quieter stretch of beach. Because of that, it is popular for families, picnics, and kite flying.


3. Clearwater Causeway Bridge:

Clearwater Beach causewayThe bridge to Clearwater Beach, properly known as the Clearwater Memorial Causeway Bridge, is a great place to get away from it all. The walk from the nearby parking lot to the apex of the bridge is a steep enough incline to get your heart pounding. It is a popular trek for those on foot and on bicycles. However, at any given time of the day, it is relatively uncrowded, if not empty. This s a good place to get away from it all while enjoying the elevated view of Clearwater Harbor and all its going-ons.


2. Walking the North End of Clearwater Beach:

Clearwater BeachA less known but rather obvious place to escape at Clearwater Beach is to walk northward along the shore. The further you go, the few people you will encounter. You will also find more shells! This peaceful walk is a favorite among locals and vacation treasure when discovered by visitors.



1. Your Own Private Island:

You can reach your own private island from Clearwater Beach. It’s true. Dotting the length of Clearwater Harbor you will find a series of tiny islands. The islands are not off limits and anyone can land on them and tour their shores and interiors. Jet Skis, kayaks, power boats visit the islands regularly. You can find these islands on the map, or you can view them from the causeway listed in number three above. Chances are, that when you land, you will have the island to yourself. Related Posts: The Best Beaches in America Gulf Coast Sand Bar Hangouts Caladesi Island Kayak Trail


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