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Gulf Coast Local Secret #16

Juniper SpringsFamous Florida Springs

Visitors to Florida may or may not know that Florida is known for its springs. Even the most casual visitor has heard of Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth, which, legend has it, is here in Florida. Whether famous as the Fountain of Youth or hidden in the forests of Florida, our springs are worth a closer look.


The Secret of Florida Springs

Juniper Springs (1)Florida springs make our local secrets list for a variety of reasons. One, is that they are not usually the primary reason vacationers visit Florida. While this is the case, the secret is that they are worth visiting. Two, is that, while visitors have heard of them, they don’t always know where they are. Three, Florida has more than one kind of spring. Some are hidden, some are popular destinations, some are underground, and some are inland salt springs that actually contain ocean going fish.


Hidden Florida Springs

Juniper SpringsA secret unknown even by many locals is that hundreds of Florida springs are hidden in plain sight. Lake Tarpon is a large lake situated on Central Gulf Coast. Beneath its calm surface are numerous fresh water springs that most people know nothing about. Off the coastline of Florida are countless freshwater springs, which rise into the salt waters. Stories tell that sailors of the past were always thrilled to find them. Locals hint that such a spring exists near the causeway to Howard Park beach. These underwater springs are the greatest secret of all because they are very difficult to locate. Perhaps gazing across the waters will have to suffice, knowing that you look upon greater mysteries than your eyes can see.

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