Clearwater Beach Seagulls

Howard Park (6)aThe Florida Gulf Coast Has the Best Looking Gulls

Ever wonder why the gulls flying overhead at Clearwater Beach appear so photogenic? The answer is that they are flying over the brilliant white sands of the Gulf of Mexico. With the sun shining overhead, the white sands light up, casting light back into the air. When the white bellied seagulls fly over the sands, their feathers catch the reflected light from below, giving them a beautiful hue. The effect creates great photo opportunities.


How to Get Great Photos of Florida Gulf Coast Seagulls

Clearwater Beach (172)

Seagulls of the Central Gulf Coast of Florida are not rare. You will see them anywhere you go, although they like the beast more than other locations –just like us! Attracting seagulls for your photo is not hard. In fact, it’s a little too easy. Just hold a potato chip or piece of bread up in the air and you will soon be swarmed with sea gulls. Try throwing a few tidbits up in the air. It’s fun to watch.


A Word of Caution with Florida Gulf Coast Seagulls

Howard Park (8)aIf you choose to gather Florida Gulf Coast seagulls like described above, there are two drawbacks. One, you might get sea gull droppings on you. Two, you will probably upset fellow beach goers. This tactic is best done when on an empty section of beach. You should also be ready to dive into the Gulf to wash off, just in case.

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