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Clearwater Beach (155)Florida Beach Vacation Woes

Going to the beach in Florida is a favorite vacation event in America. However, lurking beneath the surface is a host of dangers most people don’t realize. Below is a list of beach-goer risks along with their recommended solutions.


White Sand Beaches

Clearwater Beach (255) x2000 aThe warm Florida sun shines down onto the beach, illuminating the blue and turquoise waters which lap against the world famous white sand beaches. When visitors step onto the sand, they immediately come across one of the greatest dangers of the Florida Gulf Coast. The powdery, soft, white sands are bright.

How should visitors to the beach solve this dilemma?

We recommend sunglasses.


Warm Florida Weather

Clearwater Beach, Pier 60 (38)aEnjoy the wide open spaces of the Florida Gulf Coast coastline, sharing the gentle breezes with scantily clad beachgoers, tossing the Frisbee, or reclining on a beach chair. But beware, this next one our list might sneak up on you. It’s warm at the beach.

What should visitors who are right at the very edge of the Gulf of Mexico do?

We recommend walking just a little farther West until you get wet. We call this swimming.


Endless Stretches of Beach

Clearwater Beach (252) x2000 aBeach chairs and blankets dot the beach along the shorelines of the Gulf Coast. The swaths of soft, white sand reach north and south to the edge of sight. You stand with beach chair and cooler in hand but between you and your destination is a problem. If you walk across the beach, you will get sand in your shoes.

How do visitors overcome this roadblock?

Take off your shoes.


Florida Sun

Clearwater Beach (254) x2000 aWhile you stand on your stretch of Florida Gulf Coast beach, digging your toes into smooth, soft sands, you might inadvertently look up. Above you palm trees wave in the breeze, creating a melodic, gentle rattling of leaf upon leaf. But if you look up too high, beware. The sun is bright in Florida!

How does a beach-goer solve this one?

We recommend wearing a hat, preferably embroidered with the name of the beach you are on.


Have Fun on the Florida Gulf Coast

Clearwater Beach (189)The Florida Beach Rentals staff loves the beach. Yes, it is a good idea to be prepared. A hat and sunglasses, sun tan lotion and a towel are recommended. But really, the beach is heck of a lot more fun than it is anything else.

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