How Never Checking Out is a Good Thing

Most of us have used a hotel key card at this point. The tech has been around since 1978. It means that getting into your room is that much easier. But what is the greatest convenience? It comes at checkout. Did you forget your key? Did you lose it? Amazingly, it doesn’t matter. The key card code is cancelled whether you return the card or not. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that for a vacation rental? Well, actually, you can.

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The solution did not come in the form of key cards. It came in the form of digital, keyless entries. Nowadays, when you check in to a vacation rental, you will find a variety of means to get into your room. Some rentals still require keys. Others have digital pads attached to the door lock. What those number pads mean is that you are freed from carrying keys.

With a keypad entry, check in usually includes paperwork that tells you how to use the pad and what your key code number is. Often, your code is programed to start at check in time and end at checkout time. And the beauty of the system? You don’t have to return to the office where you checked in for key return.

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Getting to the airport sounds like a much better proposition if you go directly, something that key-less checkout provides. Another perk is that, if you forget your code, you can call your rental company for a reminder. Best of all, you can share the code with your whole family or vacation party, which means no allocation of keys is necessary.

The technology is spreading with fair speed and new vacation rental owners are picking it up all the time. That means that, while you are not guaranteed to receive that new keyless tech, your chances are getting better. We’ve embraced the keypad technology here at Florida Beach Rentals and have helped owners to install them where we can. Right now, about seventy five percent of our rentals have keyless entries, allowing guests a greater freedom, which we are happy to provide. As the technology improves, we intend to follow it, with the goal of providing a more pleasant guest experience.

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For any questions regarding our vacation rentals, inquire at You are also free to leave comments below about experiences you’ve had with easy or difficult check ins or check outs.

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