Florida Peak Visitor Season is Here

The flow of visitors to Florida is often a topic for us here at Florida Beach Rentals, as you might imagine. We thought we would fill you in on the important trend of peaks season for winter.

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March is always the busiest month, with those-in-the-know coming down to enjoy that pleasant period at the cusp of winter and spring. The days are warm and a little less humid than summer but, more importantly, you get to miss a week to a month of winter up north.

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If you think that March is a good month for you to visit, you should know that the month fills up early for vacation rentals. It’s a good idea to book the prime-choice properties as much as a year ahead. In general, six months ahead is a good idea. However, I’ll let you in on a little secret. When it gets close to the date of booking, you might just find a rental on special. That doesn’t mean you should wait on purpose, because there is absolutely no guarantee a property will remain vacant and you could wind up without a place to stay. However, it never hurts to check and see if a hastily planned vacation might just work out for you.

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While I have you thinking about vacation planning, keep in mind that right now in winter is a sweet-spot for planning your summer vacation.

NEWS: Spring Break is going to be a big one here on Clearwater Beach and in the beaches from here to St Pete beach, which is twenty three miles of beaches. Traffic can become an issue at peak times like Spring Break. Make a mental note that we have a ferry now. You can skip that commute over the bridge if you don’t need your car on the island. You can find the schedule for the Clearwater Beach ferry here.

Here’s looking forward to a wonderful March and another beautiful spring here or our Gulf Coast beaches.


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