7 Habits of Highly Successful Vacationers

Successful Vacationers Book Well Ahead

People who book their vacation rentals early maximize their chances of staying in the best units. Do you want beachfront? Would you prefer a water views? Do you want the top floor? Do you want to stay in the same unit you used last year? If you said yes to at least one of those, then you should book your stay as early as possible. What’s early? In a popular destination, that means a year ahead of time. They go that fast. You should also know the peak season for your destination. Ski season is in the winter, northern beaches mean summertime, and Florida beaches peak January through March. A peak-season visit requires that you plan early and book early. While you can still find rentals last minute, having your choice of the entire inventory delivers the best results. Further, if you love the rental you are in during your current vacation, consider reserving it right then and there for next year. It’s a great way to get a rental you know you’ll love.

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Successful Vacationers Prepare ahead for Arrival and Departure

Preparing ahead covers quite a lot. Last minute packing may be exciting, but sometimes valuable things don’t make it into the suitcase. Just as bad, things that are totally unnecessary add to your luggage weight for a journey that is potentially thousands of miles. Included in your preparation, consider informing your rental company when you plan to arrive and when you plan to leave. An exact arrival time helps the rental company prepare for you. Early check ins are not always possible, but an advanced notice of when you are arriving improves your chances. As an added courtesy, announcing what time you are leaving is a welcome assistance to the rental company and may help the next guest have a nice vacation too.

Successful Vacationers Study their Destination Ahead of Time

Looking ahead toward activities, sightseeing, and dining is a great idea. While you don’t necessarily have to follow an exact itinerary, knowing what the location has to offer puts you in a good position. You can share what you learned with your vacation partners and come up with some great ideas. Another piece of advice for an enjoyable vacation is to study the history of the location. What you find is almost always surprising and guaranteed to be interesting. When you visit a location where you know the history, it adds a new dimension of depth to the vacation experience.

7 habits of successful vacationers

Successful Vacationers Ask for Ideas from Locals

Whether you ask your vacation rental company or a stranger on the street, inquiring after destination attractions from locals is a fantastic idea. No one knows the territory like a person who lives or works there. Favorites are easy to elicit and people love to share. Use the experiences of those who have come before you to create a better vacation. You will find hidden treasures and perhaps even avoid some pitfalls.

Successful Vacationers are Ready to Experience Anything

A well-planned vacation comes with one thing that is almost guaranteed –something you didn’t expect. When you visit a far-off place, or even one that’s not so far, it’s still not your home, and unexpected things happen. People who know how to have a happy vacation plan for such things. How do you plan for the unexpected? The answer is being willing to experience it when it happens. Did it rain? Was your favorite restaurant from last year gone? Did you get locked out of your unit somehow? Did you not have the time needed to hit all the activities you planned? The number of things that can happen are beyond infinite. Believing things will go precisely as you imagined is just not realistic. Successful vacationers enjoy the good and shrug off the bad and the unexpected. You just keep charging forward because nothing can stop your good times. When you have that attitude, nothing does.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Vacationers

Successful Vacationers Repeat the Things They Loved Last Time

Whether you return to the same location or not, you did things on your last vacation that you loved. They linger in your mind and evoke dreams of pleasant vacations in the future. Repeating those successful actions is a surefire way to create more wonderful memories. If you return to the same place, seek out that restaurant with the charming atmosphere and the sweeping view. Take the boat ride that pleased you so much last time. While the experience will surely not be identical, it will create new memories to add to the storehouse of pleasurable moments in your mind.

Successful Vacationers Try Something New

Repeating past activities is a great idea, however, trying new things is essential. Adding new activities expands your horizons. It provides new items put on your list of favorites. Be ready to apply the “ready to experience anything” rule, because new things don’t always comply with expectations. With good planning and an idea of what you like put into the planning, you are more likely to come out with an experience you enjoyed and will want to repeat again next time. New experiences take us out of our ordinary zone of activity and help to revive the mind and disperse stress. It’s an ideal plan of action for any vacation.

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