Can You Get Married on Clearwater Beach?

The party moves across the street in unison, dressed to a tee in wedding gear unless, of course, you check their shoes, which are prepared for the sands of the beach. The sun is setting and the group arranges lines swiftly. The vows are exchanged and the wedding party disperses back the the way they came. Is it legal or did you just witness a bandit wedding on Clearwater Beach, Florida?

The truth is that you’d probably have to ask. We’ve seen such weddings, hastily arranged and quickly ending. In reality, you don’t have to organize the closing of your Clearwater Beach wedding as a getaway. Weddings on Clearwater Beach are legal.

Clearwater Beach Wedding

Ah, but the catch? Yes, there is one. You have to get a permit for your beach wedding and not all of the beach is fair game. A website exists that tells you all the technical details. The short story is that weddings with less than 50 people have a lower price tag. More complex arrangements will naturally cost more. And, as far as wedding venues goes, the prices are fantastic, starting at one hundred dollars.

Do other beach rules apply? Yes, actually, all of them. That means no glass or other items not permitted on a beach. As with all venues held in public places, your wedding might have random passersby and beach goings-on in the vicinity.

Regardless of any setbacks, beach weddings are amazing. The soft, white sands of Clearwater Beach under your feet with the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico nearby will provide wedding memories you can treasure. A sunset wedding adds a little sparkle too. After dark? Add some candles in the sand to your venue.

Beach weddings will always be simpler than other types. How you arrange your day is up to you of course. Will you walk down an aisle made from rose pedals? Will your guests have chairs? Will your dress code be traditional or more beach oriented? Will your bouquet have starfish and pearls? The small details you can add are endless. Any way you go, your wedding will have memories not only of that special moment but of a venue set in one of the most remarkable places in the world.

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