Two Days of Winter in Florida

We have a running joke on the west coast of Florida regarding our winter lasting two days. It isn’t true, of course, but it is based on a pattern. When cold fronts come down into our area, it can actually get cold. What is cold for someone who lives in Florida? Cold is 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It hits those degrees in the evening and then will raise to the forties or fifties during the day. We break out the long pants and sweaters we’ve worn less than a dozen times and go about our day talking about the weather.

Florida January

Once the front rolls through, however, Florida pushes back. The temperatures rise and, usually in two days, the weather is back to something more normal. Winter is less humid and the temperatures usually drift between the fifties and seventies, with a few days in the eighties too.

Clearwater Beach January

While the joke about two-day winters in Florida persists, the reality is that we usually get two, perhaps three two-day winters during the course of the season. If you’re disappointed to hear that we actually have cold days here, don’t get too distressed. The truth is, no matter what the weather does, we never get snow and we are nearly always warmer than the rest of the country. So, if you’re thinking about coming down for the winter, we’ll be glad to share the warmth with you while you’re here even if, by chance, there’s a day or two of something else.

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