Treasure Island Kite Festival 2014

January 2014 Treasure Island Kite Festival

Trick kite at the Treasure Island Kite FestivalThe Treasure Island Kite Festival returned to the Central Gulf Coast Shores the weekend of January 18th and 19th. The skies were a clear blue color, which created a fantastic backdrop for the multicolored kites flying above the sands of Treasure Island Beach. The temperatures were cool for Florida, with a brisk wind, but as far as kite flying weather, it was fantastic. The crowd that turned out was large, lining the sidewalks and filling the area restaurants.


Multitude of Designs at Treasure Island Kite Festival

Giant Octopus Kite at Treasure Island Kite FestivalThe variations of kites in the skies over Treasure Island Beach were amazing. The king of the show was a giant octopus kite, larger than the others many times over. Other interesting kite designs were a giant crab, an Asian-style fish, a giant cat, a blow fish, an alligator, and a fish that looked like Nemo from Finding Nemo. Other favorites where twirling tubes, spinning disks, and a host of trick kites. Something entertaining was flying against the blue skies in every direction.


Kite Flying Competitions at the Treasure Island Kite Festival

Group kite flying at Treasure Island Kite FestivalThroughout the Treasure Island Kite Festival weekend, a number of competitions were held. While we walked the beach on Saturday, we watched kite masters fly their kites to match the rhythm of music. At another location, a team was practicing synchronized kite flying, with seven people following the directions of a single director. Their precision maneuvers were visible from across the beach, standing out from the other, more stationary kites.


The Treasure Island Kite Festival Will Return

Treasure Island Kite FestivalIf you missed the Treasure Island Kite Festival this time around, you can be sure that it will be back. With happy spectators –and happy local merchants –the kite festival certainly looked like a success. The broad stretches of sand at Treasure Island are prefect for a large show like this one, as well as providing perfect wind conditions for kite flying. Look for the festival again next year. After enjoying the 2014 Treasure Island Kite Festival, we will be sure to make a return visit in 2015.

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Doug lubunyz

will a kite buggy be allowed and when is the date of festival be, I know it is in January 2015 but what days


I don’t know! If you are talking about Kite Surfing then follow this link for contact info:
It probably depends on how high you fly.