Clearwater Beach Chalk Walk Festival 2013

The Chalk Walk Festival Hits Clearwater Beach Again

Clearwater Beach Chalk Walk 3013The Chalk Walk Festival came to Clearwater Beach last weekend, running October 25th through the 27th. We headed down, not sure what to expect. Few times have we seen so many people roaming the streets along the new Beach Walk sidewalks. The crowds filed through all weekend, bolstered by the Stone Crab Festival at area restaurants just up the street to the north. The crowds were wowed by the incredible artwork.

Clearwater Beach Chalk Walk 2013

Clearwater Beach Chalk Walk FestivalThe Chalk Walk Festival in Clearwater Beach was a great success this year. A lot of great artwork appeared over the three days. We had fun watching the images evolve over several visits. Much of the art was related to shore-fronts and beaches, or underwater settings, perfect for the location at Clearwater Beach. The weather was perfect, not to hot and not too cool, with beautiful sunsets and mild evenings.


Clearwater Beach Chalk Walk Artists

Clearwater Beach Chalk Walk Festival 2013We talked to quite a few of the chalk artists. They all had smiles on their faces and seemed be truly enjoying their weekend. We noticed the artists interacted with the passersby quite often, making the show a personable event for visitors. At the end of the evening on Saturday, we had talked to so many of the chalk artists that one of them pulled us in to help her cover her artwork for the night. We were glad to help.


Clearwater Beach Chalk Walk Festival Weekend

Clearwater Beach Chalk Walk FestivalIt was a fantastic weekend at Clearwater Beach with both the Chalk Walk Festival and the Stone Crab Festival in full swing. Pier 60 had a great crowd, giving the vendors, artists and performers plenty of visitors to entertain. The sidewalks were filled with people from end to end of the small and very walkable business district of Clearwater Beach. The restaurants were well stocked with diners and live musicians were playing at nearly every establishment. It was a great time. If you are planning a fall trip to the area, be sure to check the October schedule for Clearwater Beach when you are making your reservations.





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