Understanding Florida Gulf Coast Weather

Clearwater Beach (152)Crazy Gulf Coast Weather

Florida Beach Rentals is not staffed with trained meteorologists, but we thought we would try to help you understand Florida weather better, based on our experience as local residents. The weather along the Gulf Coast can seem extreme at times, but it follows patterns that, once you understand them, are easy to manage.


Will Rain Ruin My Florida Gulf Coast Vacation?

No. Gulf Coast rains most often blow through an area within a couple of hours and the sun comes out again. It is part of the subtropical nature of our climate. The reward is tall palms, lots of flowers, and lush expanses of green. If you keep your ears tuned, you will hear an explosion of birds singing after the rains pass by. Just prepare in advance with an indoor activity like dining or a museum and you will do fine.


Clearwater Beach (72)Summer Weather of the Florida Gulf Coast

Summer weather on the Central Gulf Coast is predictable. In fact, the weather from July to September most often goes like clockwork. The days starts sunny and stay that way till around 2 or 3PM when the sky grows dark. You still have a little more time but around 4 to 6PM the clouds will burst and bring down heavy rains, often with fascinating displays of lightning. When the clouds can give no more, usually about two hours or less, the day brightens up again and the evening activities commence. It might not go this way every single day, but this pattern is the rule rather than the exception.


Where Do Florida Gulf Coast Storms Start?

Gulf Coast rains showers almost always generate in the Gulf of Mexico. When the warm, wet air crosses over land, the clouds let loose. Even with winds coming from the East, the culprit is the same. The two forces meet at the coasts along the Gulf, and showers ensue.


Winter Weather in Florida

The phenomenon of “Snow Birds,” or an increase in residency in Florida during the winter, is no mishap. Florida winter weather is quite nice. The rains come but with much less frequency than in the summer. Weeks can pass without a shower. The temperatures are cooler, but rarely dip below 55 degrees –and that’s cold!


Pop Stansell Park, Palm Harbor (6)Best Attitude for Florida Gulf Coast Rains

Gulf Coast showers are fun to watch. Did you know that the flat Florida landscape allows you to see storm clouds as far as 100 miles away? When sunset arrives, storm clouds will take on the changing colors of the sun, creating beautiful panoramas. Rather than considering the weather an impediment, think of it as your own personal entertainment. Sit back and enjoy the show!


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