Beach Vacation Cottages

What Is a Cottage?

beach cottage signIf you ask a number of individuals what a cottage is, you will get fairly consistent answers. People have the idea of a quaint, cozy spot, perhaps a getaway from their ordinary life. The idea of vacations and cottages tend to go together in the minds of plenty of folks. Cottages are generally smaller than a standard home and, according to common conceptions, they occur in locations like mountainsides, along rivers, and on the shores of lakes and seas. Cottages are commonly thought of as places to go on vacation. In other words, cottages are fun!


Florida Beach Rental Cottages

Clearwater Beach off Cabria Cottage rental (21)Florida Beach Rentals is proud to have a pair of cottages on our line up of great vacation rentals. Are they really cottages? Well, all Florida Beach Rental units have the advantage of being either on the beach or close to it, which complies with the expectation of your cottage being close to the sea or in a beautiful vacation destination. But this pair of cottages has cozy-and-quaint down to an art. You will find beach decor and sunny colors throughout, as well as bead board and wicker accents. Our two vacation rental cottages are both in the Clearwater Beach community, putting renters within easy reach of America’s best beach and some of the most entertaining beach attractions in the region.


Sand Dollar Clearwater Beach Cottage

Sandollar Cottage
Sandollar Cottage

The Sand Dollar cottage, quaintly spelled Sandollar, sits at the heart of the Clearwater Beach residential area. Is it in just another neighborhood? Hardly. Clearwater Beach residences are as beachy as they get.  This cottage residence has the Florida palm trees you would expect as well as the traditional collection of seashells on the front porch.

Inside you will find beach décor from wall to wall. It has a pool in the back yard with plenty of lounge furniture and a hammock. Cabana? Why yes, there is an enclosed outdoor cabana shower poolside to rise off after the pool or to make sure that extra beach sand doesn’t make it inside the cottage.

While it is a cozy setting, you might find this cottage has quite a lot of interior space. Its three bedrooms offer a family plenty of room for their Clearwater Beach vacation. With a separate living room and family room, you will find plenty of cottage lounging opportunities for everyone. This location is a great place to plant your stakes for a fantastic beach vacation.


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