How to Prepare for Florida Gulf Coast Beaches

Florida Beach Basics

Clearwater Beach (244)While many people know what the essentials are for a beach vacation, let’s go over it again just to be sure. The beach is sunny and bright, so preparing for warmth and sunshine is a must. Take suntan lotion, a hat, and sunglasses. These basics will get you started at the beach, protecting you so that you can have your day of fun in the sun. Some sort of sandal is also a good idea, making the transition from boardwalk to sand easy.

Optional Goodies for Florida Beaches

Clearwater Beach (195)x500What should you bring along when you go to the beach? With your essentials above handled, the rest becomes optional. Lying on the warm sands and playing in the surf will make you thirsty. Be sure to bring something refreshing to drink. Reclining on a beach chair with earphones delivering your favorite music is a popular option. You might also want to bring along a Frisbee or a football to keep the day lively. Chips can refuel your body with energy and might even replace some of the salt you sweat away while you play. Remember to use plastic rather than glass on the beach.

Florida Beach Experience

Clearwater Beach (155)What can you expect on for a day on the beach along the Florida Gulf Coast? It is usually sunny and the weather is nice and warm. Gulf waters are warmer than most, making for a chill-free dip in the water. Plenty of beach-goers flock to the beach all year round, making it a dynamic place to be. Amenities for visitors abound. Fantastic tourist shops line the beachside avenues and casual diners nestle in right alongside finer dining. Restrooms and beach showers are often just a short walk away.

Create Your Own Florida Beach Style

Clearwater Beach off Cabria Cottage rental (14)What will your style at the beach be? Will you lie on a towel or will you recline on a beach chair? Will you bask in the sun or retreat beneath an umbrella or nearby palm tree? Will you bring the whole family or just your spouse or close friends? The beaches are vast, providing you with a choice between a vibrant, active beach scene or a secluded location on the far reaches of the coast.

Will your favorite beach style include walking, throwing a ball, swimming, or simply relaxing the day away with a book? The choices are many, and they are all up to you.

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