Safety Harbor Museum

Gulf Coast Local Secret #5

Is the Safety Harbor Museum Really a Local Secret?

safety-harbor-museum-of-regional-history1The Safety Harbor Museum is not really a secret. They want you to visit and they do their best to let you know they are there. The reason this spot is listed here as a secret is because it is often overlooked due to its size. The museum is small and slightly off the main strip. Look for the museum at the end of a long driveway, across the street from the harbor. It is south of the parking lots used for the main shops.


What does the Safety Harbor Museum Have Inside?

arrow heads picThe museum is divided into three areas. The first shows local accomplishments from local groups and citizens. The second area displays natural history and local Indian history. Kids love this area and some of the displays are interactive. You and the little ones can actually handle some of the historical displays. The third section is in the back room. It has antiques from the area and model replicas of early European settlement. You might be surprised to discover what role Safety Harbor played in the development of the telephone.

What Is Great about the Safety Harbor Museum?

This museum has a cozy feel and the staff is friendly. Great books of local history are for sale and you can also buy little knick-knacks that kids love. The other great feature is that tours start quickly, meaning you can get a tour with little or no waiting, due to the museum’s small size. Unlike many other museums, you can see all the displays in a relatively short time, making it a great addition to dinner or shopping at Safety Harbor. Go ahead and give this spot a try. You will be glad you stopped by.


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