Fishing the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane Pass (11)Fishing the Florida Gulf Coast

Many distinct fishing environments await fishermen along the coastline of the Florida Gulf Coast. Enjoy unique experiences on seagoing vessels above the wide, shallow continental shelf or wading in shallows of the intercostal waterways. Cast off a white sand beach or float amid the mangroves in Florida’s wilder areas. Wherever you go, you will discover why the Gulf Coast of Florida is one of the nation’s hot spots for fishing.



Gulf Coast Fish

Clearwater Marina (14)The best known fish along the Central Gulf Coast is the tarpon, thanks to the namesake city, Tarpon Springs. Among the tarpons watery neighbors are Spanish mackerel, grouper, kingfish, snook, redfish, and many others. A local favorite is the mullet, a fish known in the region for its frequent, trademark leaps into the air. The varieties are endless.


Go Fishing on the Florida Gulf Coast

Clearwater Marina (19)Join the many others who have learned what our coastal waters have to offer. Fishing charters abound for the avid enthusiast as well as many favorite local shoreline locations. If you are coming to Florida for your next fishing vacation, be sure to contact Florida Beach Rentals for more information.

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