Sand Key

There are a multitude of beaches in Florida, and along the Gulf Coast, there are a number of nationally ranked and high quality beaches that house many affordable beach rental properties. There is a booming industry for beach home rentals as people get tired of the stress of finding and then booking a hotel room, or series of rooms; generally at rates they could wish were lower for extended stays, and are looking for a new way to take their vacations.

Florida Beach Rentals has a number of the different affordable beach rental properties available throughout the year, so you are free to choose from a number of different styles of condos, actual homes and even some resort hotel rooms. As beach home rentals gain more traction in the market, those who want to rent them out for your convenience are looking to companies like ours to help ensure they stay lived in. This is how we can offer you the most affordable beach rental for your vacation in Florida, and on Sand Key too. Sand Key is one of the most beautiful areas in Florida, surrounded by water, lush flora and in what many consider to be paradise.

Rated one of the top 14 beaches in the U.S., Sand Key Beach is located to the south of Clearwater Beach and butting up to the south of Belleair Beach. As far as vacationing spot go, Sand Key is right in the middle of everything beautiful on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This West Coast barrier island is known for its fantastic 65-acre park, open on all days until dark, and the white sandy beaches dotted with residential condominiums running the length of the island. The north end of Sand Key is a hub of commercial activities offering wide range of restaurants, banking, and shopping and tourist services. Maggie Mae’s for breakfast is a must and the Columbia Restaurant for its Sangria and Cuban Sandwiches is a favorite for local gatherings and dinner. Both of these establishments are located on the intra-coastal waterway. As far as finding an affordable beach rental, you really cannot go wrong with one of the beach home rentals we have on offer. Especially in the gorgeous area of Sand Key!

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  1. My family is looking for a place to spend summer vacations together every year.We have three grown sons. Two are now married, each with a daughter. We would like to find a 3 bedroom 3 bath place to stay.A pool and some green yard space for the girls to play would be great. I have looked to no avail, can you help me please.We would be looking to stay for a week. No pets and no smoking please.
    Thank You,
    Brenda Jerrels

  2. You can check out the listings on our website at The program allows you to put in your specific dates, number of your party, beachfront, and other qualifications. Please call us at 727-288-2020 with any questions, or to help you with the website. We will be glad to help you book your vacation rental over the phone.

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