Redington Shores / North Redington Beach / Redington Beach

The Redington beaches are only a few minutes drive from Fort Desoto, originally an outpost during the Spanish-American War. You can still view the old Fort as well as walk, swim, or picnic in the 900 acre park that still offers untouched Florida beauty. For history lovers, having access to different Florida vacation homes allows them to, if they are owners, own a house or two or three, while not having to occupy it and let it just accrue bills in maintenance; while if you are renting it, give you a beautiful Florida vacation home, all while being able to enjoy a great period of Spanish-American history.

There are those who thing that affordable beach vacations mean having to skimp on luxuries when you do go on vacation. One of the really great thins about Redington Beach, is that while it is not the hugely cosmopolitan area that St. Pete Beach is, there are still many affordable vacation homes to choose from. Add in that you will be hard pressed to find a Florida vacation home with access to as many golf courses as Redington Beach offers. While in Redington Shores, don’t forget to visit the Redington Long Pier for some great fishing action.

Redington Beaches are close to 34 gorgeous and reasonably priced golf courses to challenge all golf enthusiasts. Additional courses are just a short distance from the beaches. Every gold enthusiast should have a Florida vacation home in Redington Beach for this alone. Imagine it – getting to spend your days playing golf on so many different courses there’s no possible way you could ever get bored with them. And all within a short distance from your affordable beach vacations.

You can get your Florida vacation home for a reasonable price in Redington Beach, choosing from many different types of home to boot. In order from North to South this chain of beaches is as follows: Indian Shores, Redington Shores, North Redington Beach, Redington Beach and then Madeira Beach at the south end. This means that if you need a quick change of scenery, it’s just a short drive away.

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  1. looking for 2 bdr 2 bath nice clean and modern ,all of the areas mentioned on the trolley route

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