Aerial of Redington Shores

Redington Shores
Redington Shores, FL, is a tiny little town off the west coast of Florida, and is one of the most conveniently located spots for those looking for vacation beach rentals. The entire town of Redington Shores is on the beach, and is just located south of Clearwater Beach, and directly west of Seminole, FL. Being conveniently located in the middle of everything on the west peninsula of the bay area, and is just a short drive from Downtown St. Petersburg. As far as vacation beach rentals go, there are few enough places that are actually offering condos, houses, and resort suites for rent in a town that is actually on the beach. Take Clearwater Beach for example: Clearwater is it’s own distinct city, while the same is true of St. Petersburg. Rendington Shores stands apart from the main population of beach locations in that our town and all of our vacation rental properties are located on the beach.

There is very little area in Redington Shores that is not directly on the beach, and almost everywhere is within a stone’s throw from the water. Because Redington Shores is its own little town, you really don’t have to go anywhere else to find what you are looking for on your vacations, and if you do want to go elsewhere for fun and relaxation on your vacations, then you don’t need to drive very far in order to do anything anywhere else in the area. Even better, Redington Shores is a weirdly shaped town with lots of fishing and docking areas. It makes for great touring when you are on your vacation beach rentals to see all the sites and enjoy the uniquely formed sections that make up this quaint little beach town.

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