Aerial of Indian Shores

Redington Shores
What aerial photos of Indian Shores do not tell you, is that this is an area that is exceptionally friendly to those who love animals, and have a huge desire to help nature’s creatures thrive in this world. As well as having multiple areas that are readily available for vacation beach rentals there are many areas that are conveniently located near to the gulf and the nature parks that people come here to visit. Some of the exhibits and parks that many of our visitors come to when they have their vacation beach rentals on Indian Shores are the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary and the Town Square Nature Park. Both of these attractions are heavily populated with local plants and animals that need a safe home amidst the ever expanding rush that is humanity. Volunteers from all over the country come here to help provide services at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, and we are happy to host such kindhearted and aware people who want to provide a better environment for those animals that are indigenous to Florida’s coasts.

Among other things that those who holiday at our vacation beach rentals do is Smuggler Cove Adventure Golf, which takes a unique twist on the normal game of golf. Rather than a nice quiet green with different holes to progress through, this course has taken a more experimental approach to the progression through the course and that is what makes it a lot more fun and challenging for those trying to complete it. These are just some of the attractions that those who have vacation beach rentals on Indian Shores frequently take part in. When you are looking for your next vacation spot, if you fit these personality types, then you will really want to consider a stay on our beach.

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