20 Ways to use your vacation days for the busy person


Did you know that more than half of Americans have unused vacation days they never take every year? Maybe work obligations keep you from taking a full week off every year but that doesn’t mean you can’t take off any time. If you have extra vacation days you need to use up, here are 20 ways you can use them.

  1. Take an extra day off for every 3-day weekend
  2. Plan your vacation during slow season for the best value
  3. Take your birthday off
  4. Take a long weekend to come watch spring training in Clearwater FL
  5. Take an extra day off after vacation to recuperate
  6. Make a bucket list and schedule time off to check them off your list
  7. Take a few days off in October to see the Clearwater Jazz Holiday
  8. Arrive a day early or stay a day late for a business trip to see the local sites.
  9. Come see one of the eight college football bowl games in Florida
  10. Use a day or two after New Years when everyone goes back to work.
  11. For you golf lovers, come to the Valspar Championship at Innisbrook Resort in March
  12. Take the Monday after every away game of your favorite NFL team. Can you say Frequent Flyer Miles!
  13. Take a personal day after the last day of each quarter to reset yourself.
  14. Use a long weekend in Tampa to watch the best hockey team in the league play.
  15. Take a day off after a long weekend of yard work of home renovations
  16. Take off days to match your child’s school off-days and do something fun.
  17.  Watch the Clearwater Super Boat National Championship. Watch what your missing!
  18. Moms, take the first day of school off to rejuvenate after a long summer.
  19. Take off snow days to spend playing with your kids.
  20. Make it a long weekend in February for the Sea Blues Fest in Clearwater.

Did we miss anything? If you have other ideas you want to add to this list tell us about it.

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