In Pursuit of Perfect Relaxation on Vacation

One of the major goals for going on vacation is relaxation. The workaday world includes stress and people take vacations to disconnect from its sources. Our location here at Clearwater Beach through St Pete Beach has some perfect locations and laid-back activities to help with that goal. Let’s look at some of the ways you can leave the bustle of life behind and melt your troubles away.

While we could talk about dynamic activities to jolt you out of the world you just left behind, we’re going approach the problem from a different angle. We’re going to ease into it. We’re going to take it slow. And then, while you’re sitting there sipping on your favorite beverage, it will hit you. You will realize you have slipped into that relaxation zone you were looking for.

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We’ll start with our first piece of advice to relax you on vacation. Sleep in. If any stress is hanging around in your world, some of it may be because you work hard and rest little. Pull the curtains closed for a long night’s rest, or for that matter, take a good nap in the middle of the day. Knocking out any exhaustion should be your first move. Once that’s taken care of, you’ve set the stage for what could be a truly relaxing vacation.

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Of course, once you’ve had your rest, it’s time to start your day. We recommend finding one of the quaint and quiet breakfast or coffee shops located up and down the beach strips. The fantastic truth is that you can choose exactly what you want. Do little hole-in-the-wall shops from days gone by make you happy? How about a brand-new establishment based on a national chain where you can get exactly what you want? The beaches from Clearwater Beach to St Pete Beach have both, with a blend of everything in between. If you are doing a car-free vacation, we suggest walking the local strip where you are staying to find what is nearby. If you have a car, feel free to drive the beachfront road until just the right thing shows up. Of course, asking around will speed up your search. Once you have your favorite morning beverage in hand, you are ready to start the slow journey through your day, starting with a long relaxing sit.

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What comes after the morning joe and breakfast? Well, more sitting of course. How you take the next step of your peaceful journey through the day is up to you. Will you head out to the beach to sit in the sun or under an umbrella? Will you find a boat tour that takes you out onto the water for soothing views while you cruise? Those are two great options and, with just a little bit of planning, you could do them both. Be sure to select a cruise that based on relaxation of course, like a dolphin sighting tour, a harbor cruise, or a sunset cruise. When the time comes to dine again, you might want to set sail on a dinner cruise across the intercoastal waters.

Speaking of lunch and dinner, the beaches provide plenty of cozy places for that too. Will you retreat to softly lit interior of a fine hotel restaurant? Does a seat overlooking the sand on a warm patio sound more your style? Plenty of nooks and “beach joints” await those interested in finding them. You can keep it modern or find an “Old Florida” style place to dine. For a unique atmosphere, the area is quite keen on cigar lounges, if that’s your thing.

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When evening comes, it’s time to find yet another place to sit and watch the world go by. A trip to the beach to watch the sunset is an absolute must on a vacation based on relaxation. Few things settle the nerves and deliver peace and calm like watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. When the night sets in, a dining patio and a glass of wine might be your escape. Vacation rentals most often have a place that seems as though it was made for sitting and watching the world go by. What does your balcony or porch overlook? Grab your evening coffee, your glass of wine, or a cold drink to sip while you watch the lights come up.

For one last tip on a relaxing vacation, we strongly recommend a long walk on the beach, in fact, we’re pretty sure it’s required. Most of the beaches are open at night, which means you can also absorb the soothing sounds of the sea while lit by the distant lights of the closest hotels or beachfront homes. Few things deliver a sense of peace better than a walk on the beach that takes you absolutely nowhere.

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