Bay Area Renaissance Festival Hails in Tampa Bay Again

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival rolled through the Tampa Bay area again this year and so we headed out to see it once again. The festival seemed livelier than last year, if that’s possible. Loads of performers were roaming the streets, giving the fair an authentic air. Added to their dazzling costumes were the those of the visitors who threw on their Medieval garb to attend. A few steam punkers were there along with quite a few fantasy fans.

Bay Area Ren Fest

The vendor booths sold costumes, weaponry, medieval style trinkets, games, toys, and whole lot more. Food was available at quite a few spots, with an Old World theme of course. The big legs of turkey are always a big hit. I think we can thank early Technicolor movies from Hollywood for that one.

Bay Area Ren Fest 2

The shows, as always, were entertaining. The giant chessboard served as a stage for shows and, of course, a human chess match. Sword fighting, log tossing, jousting, acrobats, mud wrestling, comedy troups, face painting, and even a raptor show were among the ones that we saw.

Bay Area Ren Fest 3

The attendees could also join in with Middle Age carnival games like knife throwing, axe throwing, archery, sword fighting lessons, and carnival rides.

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival drew in a big crowd, with parking filling a large field. Entrance cost less than twenty dollars and there were enough attractions and interesting things to see and do that it was easy to stay for three hours or more. The kids really seemed to love it. This is a good one to put on your calendar if you are in the area during mid-winter. Maybe we’ll see you there next year?

Bay Area Ren Fest 4

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