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9 Need to Know Differences between Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Posted on: April 7th, 2014 by MB No Comments

Towels and Linens at a Vacation Rental VS a Hotel

Vacation rental king size bedHotels and vacation rentals handle linens and towels very differently. In a hotel, you can get new towels and linens either every day or on the schedule you request. At a vacation rental, your towels and linens are there for the duration of your stay. The perk you will usually get at a vacation rental is an in-unit washer and dryer for your laundry. That is great for week long stays where you are visiting the beach often. It also means, however, that you will be washing the sheets and towels on your own. While an on-call towel service is nice, so is having your own washer and dryer for your one week to one month vacation accommodations.


Daily Cleaning at a Hotel Vs a Vacation Rental

Clearwater Beach hotelsHotels will clean your room each day if you let them, while vacation rentals leave that task up to you. The pros and cons are pretty easy to imagine. With a hotel, you get the cleaning done for you. In a vacation rental, you do the cleanup, but, in exchange, the space is yours without interruptions. That means leaving your personal belongings lying around in a vacation rental might feel more comfortable.


Staffing at a Hotel VS a Vacation Rental

vacation hotelYour vacation rental staff is always willing to help you out but they are not onsite like a hotel. Help in a hotel is usually right downstairs in the lobby. For a vacation rental, the staff is in an office somewhere in town. While vacation rental offices (like ours) will respond to your call 24hrs a day, it might require a longer period of time to arrive than a hotel, based simply on distance. You might want to choose your vacation rental office based on office location, by the way. A remote office will be less capable of helping you than one closer by.


Hotel Check in VS Vacation Rental Deposit

Check in for vacation rentalVacation rentals and hotels operate differently regarding check in. Hotels will take your credit card number to secure your reservation and you pay for your room when you arrive. Vacation rentals most often take a deposit at the time of booking and the remainder upon arrival. This is where researching your vacation rental company becomes a good idea. Are they members of BBB? Are there reviews of at least some of their properties? See our blog on vacation rental scams for more information on how you might protect yourself.


Hotel Common Spaces VS Vacation Rental Properties

vacation rental with poolHotel and vacation rental grounds differ considerably. A hotel will always have common areas such as the lobby, rec rooms, restaurants, pools, and so on. A vacation home or vacation cottage, on the other hand, will often have yards that are yours to use. Rather than a balcony, many vacation homes will have patios. If you enjoy luxury accommodations and settings, a hotel is probably your style. If you are looking for spaces to call your own, a vacation home or vacation cottage might be the way to go.


Noise and Privacy in a Hotel VS a Vacation Rental

vacation rental spacesIt is easy to guess who comes out on top when comparing noise and privacy between hotels and vacation rentals. Despite the numerous pleasures of a hotel, they are meeting places for larger numbers of people than you will encounter at private residences. This is true even with beach vacation condos. The choice here is between a more dynamic hotel atmosphere and the quieter spaces of a vacation rental.


Hotel and Vacation Rental Age Requirements

Clearwater BeachThe difference in age requirements between vacation rentals and hotels is slight, but very important. While most hotels will allow 21 and up to book, the age is higher in most vacation rentals. Our requirement is 25 and up. Anyone who has gone to Florida during Spring Break will understand why that rule is in place. We do apologize to our college friends.


Hotel Dining VS Vacation Rental Dining

vacation diningMealtime at a vacation rental is a very different affair than at a hotel. Hotels rooms without kitchenettes offer very few options outside of ordering a pizza or going out on the town. At a vacation rental, how you eat your meals is completely up to you. Vacation rental properties will always have some sort of kitchen, even if it is a kitchenette. Vacation homes and vacation condos will usually have full kitchens, just like at home. Leave the pots and pans at home as these kitchens are stocked with at least the standard complement of kitchenware. If you want a kitchen, look for hotels with condo-style suites, or book your vacation in a vacation home, cottage, or condo.


Length of Stay at a Hotel VS a Vacation Rental

Clearwater Beach sunsetHotels will accept accommodations for one night while vacation rentals are intended for longer stays. Ordinarily, a vacation rental will limit the minimum stay to seven days, while some condominium associations will hold vacation rentals to one month minimums only. The plus side to this, of course, is that longer-term vacation rentals will often prove to be the better value for per night costs.


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Florida Beach Rentals Review of Coastal Cabanas

Posted on: November 6th, 2013 by admin No Comments

After the updates at this beach-community cottage, we took new photos so that we could give online visitors a look at the changes. Below is a review created based on that visit.


3. Livingroom & kitchenGulf Coast Cabana for the Family

This studio style vacation rental is brightly colored to remind you each day that you are on a Florida Gulf Coast getaway. With room for a family all in one studio, you will be set to launch your vacation at the Gulf Coast beaches of St. Petersburg and beyond.


10. Trundle bedGreat Family Setup to Cabana

This cabana vacation rental unit has more room for sleeping than it appears at first glance. A queen size Murphy bed folds down from one wall while the day bed has a slide out trundle mattress.


17. PatioCoffee Deck

The best place to have your cup of joe is on the open air patio out front. Wake up to the cooler morning air while you sit on the beachy deck furniture. The decking style is reminiscent of a seaside dock.


2. Front elevationBeach Neighborhood

This vacation rental is only two blocks from the beach and an even short walk will take you to a view of the intercostal waterway. It is easy to pick up the beach feel from the neighborhood anywhere you turn.


Fort De Soto (6)What Is Nearby?

The beach and the intercostal are close by but you can also take a short drive to the community pool with great poolside play fountain, a very popular feature at Gulf Coast parks and pools. Be sure to check into the nearby Fort De Soto park.


3. Livingroom & KitchenA Vacation Rental for Extended Family or Friends

This small unit fits a standard family but more room is next door if your group is larger. The two Costal Cabana vacation rentals are side by side and can be rented together, pending availability. Be sure to book early to grab both units for your party. Enjoy the units in the evening and then meet on the front porch for a family breakfast.


Why I Would Stay at the Coastal Cabana

This vacation rental appears set for a group to have fun. Return from your great day of sightseeing, wash off the sand, then hit the streets of this beach community for a fun filled night. This location brings back fond memories of family vacations spent on the beach.


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Beach Vacation Cottages

Posted on: October 3rd, 2013 by MB No Comments

What Is a Cottage?

beach cottage signIf you ask a number of individuals what a cottage is, you will get fairly consistent answers. People have the idea of a quaint, cozy spot, perhaps a getaway from their ordinary life. The idea of vacations and cottages tend to go together in the minds of plenty of folks. Cottages are generally smaller than a standard home and, according to common conceptions, they occur in locations like mountainsides, along rivers, and on the shores of lakes and seas. Cottages are commonly thought of as places to go on vacation. In other words, cottages are fun!


Florida Beach Rental Cottages

Clearwater Beach off Cabria Cottage rental (21)Florida Beach Rentals is proud to have a pair of cottages on our line up of great vacation rentals. Are they really cottages? Well, all Florida Beach Rental units have the advantage of being either on the beach or close to it, which complies with the expectation of your cottage being close to the sea or in a beautiful vacation destination. But this pair of cottages has cozy-and-quaint down to an art. You will find beach decor and sunny colors throughout, as well as bead board and wicker accents. Our two vacation rental cottages are both in the Clearwater Beach community, putting renters within easy reach of America’s best beach and some of the most entertaining beach attractions in the region.


Sand Dollar Clearwater Beach Cottage

Sandollar Cottage

Sandollar Cottage

The Sand Dollar cottage, quaintly spelled Sandollar, sits at the heart of the Clearwater Beach residential area. Is it in just another neighborhood? Hardly. Clearwater Beach residences are as beachy as they get.  This cottage residence has the Florida palm trees you would expect as well as the traditional collection of seashells on the front porch.

Inside you will find beach décor from wall to wall. It has a pool in the back yard with plenty of lounge furniture and a hammock. Cabana? Why yes, there is an enclosed outdoor cabana shower poolside to rise off after the pool or to make sure that extra beach sand doesn’t make it inside the cottage.

While it is a cozy setting, you might find this cottage has quite a lot of interior space. Its three bedrooms offer a family plenty of room for their Clearwater Beach vacation. With a separate living room and family room, you will find plenty of cottage lounging opportunities for everyone. This location is a great place to plant your stakes for a fantastic beach vacation.


Cambria Cottage

Cambria cottage pic

Cambria Cottage

Cambria Cottage fits the above definition of cottage without a hitch. The cozy, three bedroom rental includes a fireplace, bead board wall paneling, wood floors, and fun little niches for you to relax. Sure, it has a flat screen TV, ceiling fans and a modern kitchen, just don’t tell anyone.

The location is a stone’s throw from the beach with a rich cottage atmosphere even on the front porch, where you can enjoy the Florida sun and rustling palm trees.

But will you spend time enjoying the comfortable interior of this cottage or experience most of your vacation on the soft, white sands of the nearby beach? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

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