Clearwater Beachside Hotels

Clearwater Beach is a Mecca for those who want to experience luxury in a setting that feels like paradise. There are a number of high end resort hotels along the Gulf Coast of Florida, and the Clearwater Beach hotels are among the nicest. Florida Beach Rentals works with several of the hotels on Clearwater Beach. For stays of one or two nights, go directly to the hotel, but if you plant to stay for a week or more, we can save you a lot of money! For bookings placed in one week blocks we can offer 30-40% off your stay. Before booking a hotel with anyone else, be sure to check with Florida Beach Rentals first! We can place you in some of the finest resorts on Clearwater Beach for less.


6 thoughts on “Clearwater Beachside Hotels”

  1. Long weekend in mid October – looking for 2 rooms for 4 people, or a condo. Is there anything going on then?

  2. Please contact us at 727-288-2020 and we will be glad to help you book a place to stay. You can also visit our main website, We will also be glad to walk you through the website while on the phone. Thank you for your inquiry.

  3. We have a good number of hotel rooms, cottages, and vacation houses. A good number of them are beachfront. Please give us a call for availability. 727-288-2020;

  4. looking for housing/ condos to accommodate up to 35 to 40 families in month of July 12th thru 19th.
    will be visiting due to Girls Softball World Series that we will be playing at Edward Monroe Park off of Drew Street.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    cell 765.555.5555


  5. Thank you for your inquiry. I found that you called our office earlier only to discover that many our units were already booked. It has become a reality that booking in our popular area of Clearwater Beach down through St Pete Beach (Florida) requires booking well ahead of time. We recommend making reservations six months to a year ahead, especially for beachfront properties. We wish you luck in your search and hope that your tournament goes well.

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