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Dolphin Jam

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Gaper Jam

What is a Gaper Jam? A Gaper Jam occurs after a vehicle accident happens on a busy road. Even when the authorities have arrived to handle the cleanup, passing motorist will slow down to stare at the wreckage. The word is surely created by the people one hundred cars back who are failing to get to work on time.


Dolphin Jam

Dolphin fins breaking the surfaceOnly along the Florida Gulf Coast will you find this other kind of gaper jam. This morning on the way into the Florida Beach Rental office, I was caught in a miniature gaper jam along the scenic Dunedin coastal road. This tiny traffic snarl was not created by a collision, but rather by a pod of dolphins swimming within twenty feet of the shoreline. Their presence was noted by the drivers because it was a windless morning, giving the waters of Saint Joseph Sound a smooth, glassy surface; ideal for dolphin sighting.


Dunedin Dolphin Sighting

The pod was not only breaking the surface with their many dorsal fins but was also creating a very noticeable disturbance as their bodies displaced a surprising amount of water. The displacement pushed the water upward and out to the sides, giving the appearance of mound of water moving northward through the harbor. The pod was keeping close together and I counted at least three fins, though the moving water suggested even more beneath the surface.


Dolphin Watching

While the Florida Gulf Coast has multiple dolphin sighting boat tours, seeing them at unexpected times is always a treat. The coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico are a favorite playgrounds for bottle nose dolphins. If you are planning a Central Gulf Coast vacation, be sure to bring your camera. While you are strolling along coastal waterways, keep a look out for dolphin fins. They make appearances much more often than you might think.

Central Gulf Coast Museums

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Central Gulf Coast Museums of Florida

Looking for a museum to spend several entertaining hours of the day? Here is a list of sites for great experiences while learning more about life.

Dali Museum Exterior

Dali Museum

Armed Forces Military Museum

Dali Museum

Fantasy of Flight aircraft museum

Florida Craftsmen art center

Florida Railroad Museum


Heritage Village

Heritage Village

Heritage Village and Florida Botanical Gardens

Leepa Rattner Museum of Art

Morean Arts Center

Museum of Science and Industry



Ringling Bros img

Ringling Museum

Ringling Museum of Ringling Brother Circus fame

South Florida Museum and aquarium

Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

Tampa Bay History Center

An Interview with Calvin of Florida Beach Rentals

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I recently sat down with Calvin of Florida Beach rentals to ask him some questions about his job. This is how our interview went.

Q. So, you’re a dog.

A. Is that a question?

Q. Sorry. Are you the official dog of Florida Beach Rentals?

A. Yes. There are no other dogs at Florida Beach Rentals.

Q. What is your post here?

A. Officially, I’m the Office Ambassador.

Florida Beach Rentals (1)x900Q. And unofficially?

A. Well, I suppose I just sit around a lot. I prefer employee laps when that option is available. I also eat the last bite of most lunches.

Q. What can you tell me about Florida Beach Rentals?

A. Officially, we book some of the best vacation rentals available along the Central Coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Q. And unofficially?

A. Okay, that’s pretty much what we do.

La Visitana balcony viewQ. Why do you say they’re the best rentals?

A. All of our rentals are either on the beach or have proximity to it. I’m sure you know that reviewers place Central Gulf Coast beaches in the top ten position year after year. Just this year, USA Today named Clearwater Beach America’s number one beach.

Q. What about the East coast of Florida?

A. Seriously? You see, the beaches of the Central Gulf Coast of Florida have soft white sand that feels like talcum powder under your paws. The weather is warm, and we are close to a large number of famous attractions. A vacation here is truly a vacation in paradise.

21 Calvin x500pxQ. I see. How do you help out at Florida Beach Rentals? I mean, what is an Office Ambassador?

A. An Office Ambassador is the post wherein you handle greetings in the lobby and at the door, and sometimes right through the front window. If I do my job right, people will come in right off the street.  I put a face on Florida Beach Rentals. If people remember me, then they’ll remember Florida Beach Rentals. When that happens, I’ve done my job.

Cabana Vacation Rental

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What is a Cabana?

A cabana is a structure associated with beaches and pools. It can be a tent, a small shack, a bathhouse, or even a cabin or cottage. The word cabana conjures days in the sun, poolside bliss or lazy days at the beach. When it is time to eat or sleep, the beach goer strolls off the sand, hangs the straw hat on a hook and pushes aside the shutter style doors, stepping into the cool, shaded interior.


Coastal Cabanas of Saint Pete Beach

Coastal Cabana picThe Florida community of Saint Pete Beach is very beach oriented. Even when you cannot see the water, you sense that you are in a seaside neighborhood. The Coastal Cabanas offered by Florida Beach Rentals are not on the sand, but they are very much part of the beach life. The theme is nautical and the bright interiors remind you that you are on vacation in a beach town. You will see why these side by side, family friendly rentals have earned the cabana label.


Very Coastal Cabana

Coastal Cabana picOne of the local beaches is within walking distance and a similar short stroll will take you to the intracoastal waterway, where you can watch the harbor life passing by. You might even spot some of the local bottlenose dolphins.


Coastal Cabana Vacation Rental

These side by side Florida vacation rentals make great Central Gulf Coast vacation spots. You can check out the Coastal Cabanas here and here.

Regatta Beach Club Cancellation Alert

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Florida Beach Rental Opening

16. Balcony with table and chairsA booking at the Regatta Beach Club has cancelled.

The beach rental was scheduled for October 1 through Dec 31, the entire last quarter of the year. This has created an opening at one of our prime beachfront condo vacation rentals for the entire last season of the year!6. Master Bedroom with King  size bed

Take advantage of this recent opportunity to catch a beachfront rental location overlooking the shores of Clearwater Beach, the prime beachfront of the Florida Gulf Coast.

23. PoolThis beachfront vacation rental has a direct view of the sands and surf from its eighth floor balcony. Wake up each morning on the Gulf in this two bedroom, two bath condominium. Enjoy condo community amenities such as BBQ grills, a swimming pool, exercise room, common room, designated parking, and direct access to Clearwater Beach.

18. View of the pool areaContact Florida Beach Rentals for more information at 727-288-2020 or visit the Regatta Beach Club page directly.

11. Guest Bedroom

25. Pool Area

Clearwater Beach All Terrain Wheelchair Rentals

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Beach Wheelchair (4)Need a Wheelchair for the Beach?

Have you seen the wheelchairs on Clearwater Beach with the large, wide tires? They are available for free from the city! To get your free wheelchair you need to know the trick of getting to the right place at the right time.

Clearwater Beach Free Wheelchair Rental

Clearwater Beach, Pier 60 (47)You will find the free wheelchair rentals at the Clearwater Beach lifeguard building, at the north corner of the Pier 60 parking lot. It is a three story building just off the road, right next to the boardwalk. The secret to getting there while supplies last is to know that they open at 10AM. You might want to get there a little early. The free beach wheelchairs run out fast, nearly every day. Rentals run until 4pm, when you will need to return the chair. To secure your chair, you will need to leave a driver’s license or a credit card as security.

More Wheelchair Rentals on Clearwater Beach

Bicycle and scooter rental shops along Clearwater Beach also rent beach wheelchairs. Fun Riders Rentals, for one, rents the chairs for $15 an hour or $75 for 24 hours, with lots of other options in between. Weekly rentals are available also.

If you are a rental outlet for beach wheelchairs, feel free to comment below to let our readers know who and where you are.

7 best days in Clearwater Beach Families

Posted on: September 12th, 2013 by MB 2 Comments

Day 1 Arrive at Clearwater Beach

Arrive in town. Enjoy your ride from the airport across the beautiful causeway!

Check in with Florida Beach Rentals.

Introduce yourselves to Clearwater Beach with a stroll on the sand

Find your way off the sand at Jimmy’s Fish House. The Bang Bang Shrimp is a Florida Beach Rentals staff favorite!

Enjoy sunset from the restaurant or stroll back onto the sand to dip your toes in the surf.

Relax at your beautiful rental to charge up for a great beach vacation at Clearwater Beach. Sneak in a nightcap on the patio after the kids are asleep!


Day 2 Sightseeing at Clearwater Beach

Breakfast at the Clear Sky Beachside Café. Great breakfast specials!

Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Sea Life Safari for the kids. Home of Winter the dolphin from the movie Dolphin Tale. Hint-watch the movie before you go!

Optional road trip to area theme parks like Busch Gardens, Legoland, Lowry Zoo or Dinosaur World. Kids go crazy for these!

Live music and dinner at Palm Pavilion Beachside Grill and Bar. Right at one of the most popular and active areas of the beach!

Sunset at the beach. Take beach chairs, towels, or just stroll along. A football for the kids is a smart move!

After the sun goes down, why not head out for some local putt putt golf at Congo River, Smugglers Cove, or Captain Bligh’s Landing. The local courses have great themes!


Day 3 Dolphin Sightings

Breakfast out at the Beach Shanty restaurant. Great reviews online!

Make the most of the beach with a morning in the sun and surf. Some of the best beach weather is in the morning!

Grab lunch at the original Frenchy’s Café. A great little diner just off of Mandalay Ave!

Grab a dolphin sighting tour with Little Toot, The Tropics, or Sea Screamer. Take your camera!

Dinner at the lively Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill. Indoor and outdoor dining right off the sand!

Catch Pier 60 nightly sunset festival for live music, live shows, artists, souvenirs, and much more.


Day 4 on Mandalay Avenue

Try coffee for you and pastries for the kids from Starbucks in the Sand Pearl Hotel. Right next door to Florida Beach Rentals!

Stroll and shop on Mandalay Ave. Take the kids to the candy shops if you dare!

Lunch at Gondolier Pizza.

Afternoon under a beach umbrella with beach or water craft rentals for the kids. Splurge with a jet ski or be surprised at how much fun the kids can have with a 5 dollar inflatable raft!

A finer dining experience at Island Way Grill. Enjoy the pleasant interior or beautiful outdoor deck overlooking Clearwater Harbor. Check out the kids menu and early bird special!

Sunset watch or sit down at the beach. Hint-area hotels rent chairs and umbrellas!


Day 5 Day Trip

Breakfast snacks on the beach. A sandy stroll is a great way to start the day!

Optional day trip to Tarpon Springs sponge docks and shops, including the Tarpon Springs Aquarium and playroom. Kids love this!

Grab a famous Tarpon Springs Greek lunch, followed by mouthwatering desert. Watch your kids’ eyes when they see these deserts!

Take a sunset cruise on Clearwater Harbor with pirate Captain Memo or on board the Calypso Queen. These are must-do cruises for Clearwater Beach vacations!

Grab a unique seaside dinner at the Bait House. On the pier, not far from cruise rentals!


Day 6 Vacation Paradise

You’ve been here five days. Day number six belongs to you. It’s time to check into all those places you’ve spotted along the way.

Coffee at that local breakfast diner you spied the other day.

Rent bicycles or something else to tour the beach.

Lunch at that beach diner you’ve had your eye on.

Rent your favorite watercraft at the beach.

Dinner at that restaurant you passed up earlier in the week.

One last sunset at Pier 60 where you buy that souvenir you wish you’d picked up the first time. Catch the Pier 60 outdoor movies which play Friday and Saturday nights!

Grab a final evening stroll along Mandalay Avenue’s gift shops. You can’t go home without that T-shirt that says you were here!


Day 7 Farewell

Farewell sunrise walk.

Check out with Florida Beach Rentals.

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