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3 Essential Rules for Taking Your Pet on Vacation

Posted on: February 25th, 2014 by MB No Comments

Control Your Pet while on Vacation

Dogs on beachIt is not always easy to find a vacation rental that will accept pets. Once you do, it is definitely in your best interest to have your pet under control. You don’t want your little pal to chew up something you have to pay for, and you certainly don’t want him or her to piddle in the vacation rental. Two obvious ways to prevent problems with pet control are pet crates and leashes. Yes, even cats can be put on leashes. If your cat reacts poorly to a collar then a crate is definitely something you should consider. An animal on the loose and one in a crate make two very different impressions on property owners. Good control of your pet should extend through the time of your stay. If you are in a vacation condo, you will encounter your neighbors while walking your pet. If your pet is loose while outside, this could cause a number of problems. Dogs can frighten people, especially if the animal is large. Your very friendly pooch might just want to say hello, but if the incident scares your neighbor, you might wind up with a complaint. A leash that can be kept at six feet is advisable while leaving the building. Only let your pet greet people who show interest in meeting him or her. Only allow your pet off the leash in approved areas. Check the Internet for local dog parks near your vacation rental.


Clean Up After Your Pet while on Vacation

Tarpon Springs catThe last thing you want to do while on vacation with your pet is to leave a mess behind. The terrain surrounding your vacation rental will be new to you. You will not know by looking whether someone will mind if you leave pet droppings behind. Even in the middle of a forest you should clean up your pet’s droppings to protect the local wildlife. Of course, at a beach rental, you are dealing with some of the most valued real estate in the region. Picking up after your pet is essential. Never leave droppings on the beach, and don’t bury it under the sand! The other key feature of cleaning up after your pet has to do with odor. You must keep in mind that someone will be staying in the same unit when you leave. While you might be able to make a pet “accident” disappear to the eye, the cleaning crew should know about it so they can sanitize the floor at that location. The other big no-no is to allow your pet’s odor to wind up in the fabric of sofas or beds. If your pet is of the opinion that he or she is too good for the floor, then use a blanket or towel to protect the permanent fabrics of the unit. And, be absolutely sure to wash the cloths your pet slept on. Nothing is more off-putting than to pull a blanket to your chin and smell the last tenant’s pet. You can prevent your pet deposit from being used for clean up by protecting your vacation rental from pet odors


Never Try to Hide Your Pet at a Vacation Rental

Big dogHiding your pet at a vacation rental might seem like a good idea, but really, it’s not. When you consider that some vacation rentals might actually evict you, it’s just not worth the risk. The other penalty you might face is added fees. A vacation rental office has every right to charge a pet deposit fee once they have found out you have an animal in your unit. You could also face additional cleaning fees. But money is not the only thing you might lose. You also damage your reputation with the vacation rental office. You have committed deception and now the rental office won’t trust you. Will they be as willing to rent to you next time? You never know. If you bring your four-footed family member into a location that does not allow pets, especially a condominium complex, you might upset the neighbors. That’s not a situation a vacation rental company wants. Ordinarily, pet deposits are not very much money compared to the trouble you could get into by sneaking in your pet. In the long run, it pays to be up front about your furry friends. When you stay at a pet friendly vacation rental, you will have nothing to worry about but planning your next day of fun.

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An Interview with Calvin of Florida Beach Rentals

Posted on: September 21st, 2013 by MB No Comments

I recently sat down with Calvin of Florida Beach rentals to ask him some questions about his job. This is how our interview went.

Q. So, you’re a dog.

A. Is that a question?

Q. Sorry. Are you the official dog of Florida Beach Rentals?

A. Yes. There are no other dogs at Florida Beach Rentals.

Q. What is your post here?

A. Officially, I’m the Office Ambassador.

Florida Beach Rentals (1)x900Q. And unofficially?

A. Well, I suppose I just sit around a lot. I prefer employee laps when that option is available. I also eat the last bite of most lunches.

Q. What can you tell me about Florida Beach Rentals?

A. Officially, we book some of the best vacation rentals available along the Central Coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Q. And unofficially?

A. Okay, that’s pretty much what we do.

La Visitana balcony viewQ. Why do you say they’re the best rentals?

A. All of our rentals are either on the beach or have proximity to it. I’m sure you know that reviewers place Central Gulf Coast beaches in the top ten position year after year. Just this year, USA Today named Clearwater Beach America’s number one beach.

Q. What about the East coast of Florida?

A. Seriously? You see, the beaches of the Central Gulf Coast of Florida have soft white sand that feels like talcum powder under your paws. The weather is warm, and we are close to a large number of famous attractions. A vacation here is truly a vacation in paradise.

21 Calvin x500pxQ. I see. How do you help out at Florida Beach Rentals? I mean, what is an Office Ambassador?

A. An Office Ambassador is the post wherein you handle greetings in the lobby and at the door, and sometimes right through the front window. If I do my job right, people will come in right off the street.  I put a face on Florida Beach Rentals. If people remember me, then they’ll remember Florida Beach Rentals. When that happens, I’ve done my job.

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