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Dash for Winter Vacation Rental Season

Posted on: December 13th, 2016 by MB No Comments

Vacation Season

Vacation rentals are considered to have seasons. While we all know the standard four seasons, holiday rentals have quite a few more. In fact, Spring Break is considered a “season” all its own to some professionals in the industry. For us, here in Florida, winter is a big season, with unique milestones like Christmas at its beginning and Spring Break near its end.

Florida Palm Trees

We just wanted to let you know that some of our rentals are still open for winter. While the December rentals are growing thin, there are still some left for January through March. That’s good news!

Most years, and this year too, the Jan-Mar rentals book early, very early. They are sometimes booked more than a year in advance. Smart renters will call us or talk to us during checkout regarding booking the same unit again for the following year. That’s wise. The best rentals go first. If you find one you like, it’s a good idea to secure it.

Seaside Beach Cottage

This blog post is to tell you that the time to rent winter is almost past. The good news is that there’s still room for you. You can book on our site (your on it right now) or contact us directly for personal help at 727-288-2020 or

Beach umbrellas

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An Interview with Calvin of Florida Beach Rentals

Posted on: September 21st, 2013 by MB No Comments

I recently sat down with Calvin of Florida Beach rentals to ask him some questions about his job. This is how our interview went.

Q. So, you’re a dog.

A. Is that a question?

Q. Sorry. Are you the official dog of Florida Beach Rentals?

A. Yes. There are no other dogs at Florida Beach Rentals.

Q. What is your post here?

A. Officially, I’m the Office Ambassador.

Florida Beach Rentals (1)x900Q. And unofficially?

A. Well, I suppose I just sit around a lot. I prefer employee laps when that option is available. I also eat the last bite of most lunches.

Q. What can you tell me about Florida Beach Rentals?

A. Officially, we book some of the best vacation rentals available along the Central Coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Q. And unofficially?

A. Okay, that’s pretty much what we do.

La Visitana balcony viewQ. Why do you say they’re the best rentals?

A. All of our rentals are either on the beach or have proximity to it. I’m sure you know that reviewers place Central Gulf Coast beaches in the top ten position year after year. Just this year, USA Today named Clearwater Beach America’s number one beach.

Q. What about the East coast of Florida?

A. Seriously? You see, the beaches of the Central Gulf Coast of Florida have soft white sand that feels like talcum powder under your paws. The weather is warm, and we are close to a large number of famous attractions. A vacation here is truly a vacation in paradise.

21 Calvin x500pxQ. I see. How do you help out at Florida Beach Rentals? I mean, what is an Office Ambassador?

A. An Office Ambassador is the post wherein you handle greetings in the lobby and at the door, and sometimes right through the front window. If I do my job right, people will come in right off the street.  I put a face on Florida Beach Rentals. If people remember me, then they’ll remember Florida Beach Rentals. When that happens, I’ve done my job.

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