They call us the “Forbidden Zone” from Tampa to Naples

Like you, we are concerned about the oil spill. The good news for us is the NOAA and the University of South Florida Ocean Circulation Group pictures and predictions show the spill getting no closer than 100 miles off the coast of Clearwater Beach. Some experts are even predicting it will never reach any other coastline and some say it could reach the Atlantic coast before it ever reaches Clearwater Beach.

Even while we hope for the best, we recognize the unpredictability of the situation. Our policy is as follows:

If the beach is CLOSED by the proper authorities after your arrival and you chose to leave, you will be refunded the portion of your stay during which the beach was closed up to one week.

If it is CLOSED by the proper authorities before you arrive, and remains closed for your entire stay you will be refunded your deposit.

Here is a view from the experts: “the west coast of Florida from Tampa Bay southwards to the Everglades is at minimal risk of receiving oil from surface currents. There is a “forbidden zone” off the southwest Florida coast where the shape of the coast, bottom configuration, and prevailing winds all act to create upwelling and surface currents that tend to take water away from the coast. This study implies that the greatest risk of land impacts by surface oil caught in the Loop Current is along the ocean side of the Florida Keys, and along the coast of Southeast Florida from Miami to West Palm Beach.”

We hope that this will give you the confidence to book with us and enjoy the beauty and fun of our Island.

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