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Beach Walk Chalk Walk

Beach Walk Chalk Walk Returns

Get ready for a special visit to Clearwater Beach this October 25th through 27th for the Beach Walk Chalk Walk. The sidewalks of Beach Walk will again be swarming with artists and onlookers, creating a one of a kind event at the beach. Artists created remarkable art last year. It is amazing to see what they can create with chalk. The winners of last year’s event can be seen here. Artists invited to the event are local artists, students, and artist groups. This is the second Chalk Walk of this type of Clearwater Beach, making us suspect it might be even better than last year.

Beach Walk Chalk Walk Fun

Beach Walk (226)One of the great things about an event like Beach Walk Chalk Walk is the extra community buzz that goes with it. Clearwater Beach is already an exciting vacation destination. Events like the Chalk Walk make it even more so. Local businesses sponsor the event and you will find many of their names and logos drawn in chalk at the event. With the event comes the opportunity to spend the day at the beach, walking the sands, shopping the shops and picking your favorite beach diner. Make your plans to come join us at Clearwater Beach.

Serial Fun Stalking

Fun Activities on the Gulf Coast

Fun things to do along the central Gulf Coast are not difficult to find. Narrowing down the events you want to attend might be more difficult. We have compiled a quick list of serial events, that is to say, events that occur on a regular basis.

2nd Friday Dunedin Wine & Art Walk

The Main Street area of Dunedin is one of the favored local areas for shops and pubs. On the second Friday of the month Dunedin shop owners and vendors show off art, sell food and offer entertainment for street-goers. Visitors can enjoy music at the nearby Pioneer Park. Find out more about this event at the Second Friday Dunedin website.

Friday Night Shuffle

Each Friday night the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club opens up its courts to the public for free. Enjoy the fun of competing with friends and strangers alike under with the towering lights of St. Petersburg nearby. The shuffleboard courts are a great addition to the well-known St. Pete downtown nightlife and is open to all ages. Address and hours for the event can be found at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club website events page.

Brooker Creek Preserve Guided Hikes

Brooker Creek Preserve is a large natural area with a variety of terrains to explore. Volunteers guides will lead you on hikes at the preserve, offering information you might not otherwise discover. Walk along sandy trails through breezy forests of tall oaks, wide, sunny tracts of low-lying Saw Palmettos, and secluded wetland areas filled with beautiful trunks of Cypress trees. Keep your eyes sharp and you might see some of the parks residents, such as deer, Gopher Tortoises and wild turkeys. Visit the Brooker Creek website to find out more about ongoing guided hikes.

Our Town

Our Town Conversation is an intellectual and educational event that is held each month at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. The newly renovated museum is a wonder in itself and provides a fantastic venue. The event host engages noteworthy guests in conversations regarding the activities that have made them community leaders and celebrities. Listen and learn firsthand what has made these individuals key players in the region. See the Dali Museum website for more information on this event.

Dunedin Green Market

The Dunedin Green Market draws in vendors of every description to create an enjoyable culinary experience for visitors. Browse unique fruits and vegetables, along with your standard favorites, sold alongside of bar-b-que delights and regional-favorite Greek recipes. Pioneer Park provides the venue, placing popular area shops and restaurants just across the street. Spend the morning snacking, dining and shopping amid the neighborhoods and shops of Main Street Dunedin. Visit the Green Market webpage for more information.

Some of the local events listed here are seasonal so be sure to check the links for more detailed information!