Cabana Vacation Rental

What is a Cabana?

A cabana is a structure associated with beaches and pools. It can be a tent, a small shack, a bathhouse, or even a cabin or cottage. The word cabana conjures days in the sun, poolside bliss or lazy days at the beach. When it is time to eat or sleep, the beach goer strolls off the sand, hangs the straw hat on a hook and pushes aside the shutter style doors, stepping into the cool, shaded interior.


Coastal Cabanas of Saint Pete Beach

Coastal Cabana picThe Florida community of Saint Pete Beach is very beach oriented. Even when you cannot see the water, you sense that you are in a seaside neighborhood. The Coastal Cabanas offered by Florida Beach Rentals are not on the sand, but they are very much part of the beach life. The theme is nautical and the bright interiors remind you that you are on vacation in a beach town. You will see why these side by side, family friendly rentals have earned the cabana label.


Very Coastal Cabana

Coastal Cabana picOne of the local beaches is within walking distance and a similar short stroll will take you to the intracoastal waterway, where you can watch the harbor life passing by. You might even spot some of the local bottlenose dolphins.


Coastal Cabana Vacation Rental

These side by side Florida vacation rentals make great Central Gulf Coast vacation spots. You can check out the Coastal Cabanas here and here.

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