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Chateaus on the White Sand 602

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we loved our stay at the Chateaus on White Sand. The setting is fantastic. The price we got was incredible. We would stay there again. There were a couple odd things about the rental. There were not any places to hang bath towels. We could not run the jacuzzi/pool outside or work the outside lights. Ceiling fans would have been nice, too.

Cheryl Gutherman

Thanks for Visiting the Florida Beach Rentals Website

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Thanks for Visiting the Florida Beach Rentals Website at ! From time to time we will be updating our blog to give you news and information that should prove to be helpful and informative to those smart people who make Clearwater Beach their choice vacation destination. If you missed our last article featuring information on recent events over the last few months you will see a link to our Blog at the end of this article. Just click on the archives link.

Since we specialize in rentals that allow you to create your own home away from home we will be featuring things to do, places to see, and how to get around during your stay. Of course, that is, other than the time you spend relaxing on our famous ?baby powder? beach!

We invite you to go to look at Our blog and hope you find it interesting and informative, whether you live in this area or are planning a beach rental vacation here in Clearwater Beach Florida!

Our staff has called the Clearwater Beach area home for over 20 years. We have taken the pictures on our website and have been to each and every rental. We will let you know our unbiased opinion on each place. With hundreds of rental choices available call 727-288-2020 and we can help you find the perfect place to stay. Ask for Jenni! (Ask for Claudia if you speak German.) Plan to stay awhile? Visit SunStar Real Estate to find active listings in our area.

Why pay hotel rates when you can stay in a condo for rates sometimes as much as 50% less then hotel rates? With the amenities of home, all of our Condos, Houses and most of our Motels come with fully equipped kitchens and are located in the beach community.

Vacation rentals along the Gulf Coast from Clearwater Beach to Madeira Beach. Condos, houses and motels. With book-on-line and rate checker, we are a step above VRBO Florida.

They call us the “Forbidden Zone” from Tampa to Naples

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Like you, we are concerned about the oil spill. The good news for us is the NOAA and the University of South Florida Ocean Circulation Group pictures and predictions show the spill getting no closer than 100 miles off the coast of Clearwater Beach. Some experts are even predicting it will never reach any other coastline and some say it could reach the Atlantic coast before it ever reaches Clearwater Beach.

Even while we hope for the best, we recognize the unpredictability of the situation. Our policy is as follows:

If the beach is CLOSED by the proper authorities after your arrival and you chose to leave, you will be refunded the portion of your stay during which the beach was closed up to one week.

If it is CLOSED by the proper authorities before you arrive, and remains closed for your entire stay you will be refunded your deposit.

Here is a view from the experts: “the west coast of Florida from Tampa Bay southwards to the Everglades is at minimal risk of receiving oil from surface currents. There is a “forbidden zone” off the southwest Florida coast where the shape of the coast, bottom configuration, and prevailing winds all act to create upwelling and surface currents that tend to take water away from the coast. This study implies that the greatest risk of land impacts by surface oil caught in the Loop Current is along the ocean side of the Florida Keys, and along the coast of Southeast Florida from Miami to West Palm Beach.”

We hope that this will give you the confidence to book with us and enjoy the beauty and fun of our Island.

Florida Beach Rentals




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We really enjoyed our stay at the condo. We almost canceled due to the oil spill and are so glad we didn’t. Our stay was perfect. We would definitely stay here again. –M.T.

 Date & Time: 08/02/2010 19:27:01

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