Dockside Condos 501* (Waterfront)

My parents and another couple stayed here and they fell in love. The price was unbelievable, especially compared to the motels asking for literally a few dollars less. Cleanliness is my mother’s priority and she said the condo was in immaculate condition. They raved about the views from the condo, overlooking water on both sides. The condo is one street away from the beautiful beach so they walked there everyday. The area the condo was located in was perfect because they were close enough to enjoy all the nearby attractions, yet were not bothered by noise when they went to sleep. The condo had stainless steel appliances, marble counter tops, and a bonus was that each couple had their own bathroom. The lady from the other couple told her husband she wanted him to re-do their kitchen exactly like the one in the condo. They said the condo was new and they felt very comfortable there. They did not eat a restaurant for the whole 2 weeks they were there to save $$ and because they enjoyed cooking in the well equipped kitchen. The condo is very highly recommended, and the staff were very helpful!!

Mary Ilias

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